Reusable hot and cold pack


Reusable hot and cold pack
  • Name: Reusable hot and cold pack

  • Id: Reusable hot and cold pack

  • Time: 2017-08-03

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Specificaton :                          
Material: gel and fabric compound Nylon, with black bandge
Size:320 *150mm                         
Application :                         
Cold use:                         
Reduce the swelling and pain caused by inflammation and relieve the discomforts associated with: Joint & muscle injuries/Back &neck pain  Arthritis/Sinus &stress headaches Post-surgical pain/ Sunburn&other burn                    Heat use: Relex tight muscles and restore flexibility in a wide variety of ailments such as:  Muscle pain& soreness   Muscle spasms&cramps      
Atrhritis/Menstrual cramps      
Chronic neck or back stiffness